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Poker Bots – Openly for Sale on The Web

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Educate yourself before you open that account on Ignition, ACR, True, Bovada, Global, Pokerstars etc..

Poker Bots are real and the people that run them successfully take hundreds of thousands out of the online poker ecosystem.

I do not promote or recommend use of Poker BOTS, but I sincerely believe in spreading the truth.

First off if you are thinking of becoming a BOT’er then go for it.  Chances are that you will be caught in time.  It takes a full time commitment these days to successfully manage a BOT ring and avoid detection.  Some online poker sites such as Winning Poker Network are more concerned with Rake then lowering “player” volume by kicking off BOTS so BOTS will gravitate to sites that don’t actively search and destroy BOTS.

Most BOT rings these days are run by larger and committed syndicates (most from Eastern Europe – Latvia, Russia).  Gone are the days when a player could download a standard easy to beat Shanky Bot (late 2000’s) and make a few dollars.

The original Poker BOT was maxinmontreal OpenHoldem BOT script.  It was an open source software developed and freely distributed at start of online poker (2000’s).  They might be, but I do not think original creator’s of the maxinmontreal open source BOT script are around; however their legacy is, and website clones of maxinmontreal script are everywhere.  (Links maxinmontreal clone  archive to original OpenHoldem Bot script )

Next evolution in BOT’ing came with Shanky Bot ( Shanky Bot )  Shanky was made widely available as a for purchase ready-to-play formatted software (based on the maxinmontreal OpenHoldem script).  They still have active website, forums, YouTube videos etc..  Not sure how successful a pure Shanky user is these days, but my opinion is that there are still many BOT Noobies that find their way to Shanky.

Latest evolution is WarBot ( WarBot )  Don’t take my word, just check out the site for yourself.  Site contains videos and even a fourum where BOT’ers discuss all things BOT’ing.  Players even boast of BOT’ing on PokerStars which by far has the most proactive anti-bot position of any online poker site.

WarBot is scary good.  Unlike the old Max and Shanky BOTS WarBot has integrated BOT’s available with card-sharing.  Meaning if two or more WarBot’s are at same table that they can share card information with each other.  Again don’t believe me at my word – check out the forum page at https://www.warbotpoker.com

Prices on WarBot are incredibly cheap (a couple hundred of dollars).  Yes people do sell popular customized profiles ( WarBot profiles  ).  UltraGTO, SharkVador2, and MTT Monster are currently the best profiles.  A year ago totally different profiles were the rage.

Here is a dirty little secret!  You have to develop your own profile from the basic WarBot Essential or tweak custom WarBot Profile to be super profitable.  You have to deep dive into some shady parts of the Inter-Web (reddit 4Chan) to have the most cutting edge profiles and those profiles cost thousands of dollars, in some cases tens of thousands of dollars.

Double Dirty Secret!!  Since many online tables will have multiple BOTS from multiple BOT operators, the creators of successful WarBot profiles build in exploits in their next revisions.  For example a BOT’er creates profile named ‘ABC’.  It is successful but after a year or so it is starting to loose profitability by other people making better BOT’s, or getting flagged by other players or site.  Over several hundred thousand hands there is a very distinct player pattern.  So developer now makes that BOT for sale on WarBot for everyone (why else would anyone put out a money maker for joe-public to purchase).  The developer though has hundreds of thousands of hand histories and knows exactly how that BOT will behave.  In the next revision it adds a small exploit (a tweak as small as 3BET river and older-BOT will fold every time).  Small tweaks like that are enough to keep the next BOT revision on the cutting edge.

Triple Dirty Secret!!!  The best BOT rings love that amateurs throw their hat in the BOT ring.

Please understand what you are up against when you BTC a deposit on a public online poker site.  Again don’t take my word – educate yourself and search links provided.

Best peublic example, one online Player ‘FoxRox’ won $36,033 off of WPN in less then a year  Sharkscope – FoxRox before being exposed in an extraordinary fashion when it malfunctioned during a Vloggers live stream FoxRox BOT caught live streamed  FoxRox’s BOT handler could have easily been running that same profile on ten different screen names, x10 = $360k in under a year.  36k pays for a lot of IT development and VPN!  What would 360k pay for??

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